About Dyvers Hands

“Dyvers Hands” is an archaic phrase used to refer to a project that has been contributed to by many people. Divers is a word of Latin origin (diversus) that is still commonly used in modern French language; it literally means “many and varied”.
~ Wikipedia

At Dyvers Hands Productions, we are passionate about creating and developing collaborative storytelling experiences across a wide range of media. Our focus includes tabletop games, online communities, graphic novels, short-story anthologies, and we hope to one day expand into TV and movies.

We believe that the best stories are the ones told together, and our mission is to foster creativity, promote collaboration, and bring people together through immersive and engaging gameplay.

Our latest project, Tableau, successfully funded on Kickstarter, is a storytelling game system that emphasizes shared storytelling and character development.

One of our core initiatives is the development of shared worlds, where creators can come together to contribute and expand on unique and diverse story settings. By inviting writers, artists, and game designers to participate in the creation of these shared worlds, we aim to cultivate a rich and vibrant community of creators who share a common vision and passion for storytelling.

As we continue to grow, we remain committed to providing opportunities for diverse creators to join us in crafting unforgettable stories and experiences that unite and inspire us all. Contact us at Team@DyversHands.com if you are interested in becoming involved as a creator in our shared worlds.