Tableau Games: Advanced Playtester

Join as an “Advanced Playtester” to shape the future of Tableau Games! Be the first to test upcoming gems like Lovecraft Country: ‘A Study in Madness’, Generations & Steampunk Oz.

As an Advanced Playtester, you will contribute to Tableau’s future by providing valuable feedback & suggestions. With your help, playtesting will add to Tableau Games versatility & adaptability, offering a wide range of storytelling experiences. From suspenseful mysteries to heartfelt journeys & family-style adventures, there’s something for everyone!

You will be listed as an “Advanced Playtester” on our website, and if you contribute substantial feedback or suggest content that is accepted by us, you will be listed as a “Contributor”.

Become an “Advanced Playtester” today!

You will receive within a few days after after purchose free codes from DriveThruCards for the Print-N-Play PLAYTEST versions our current Tableau Games playsets, as well as “At-Cost” Print-On-Demand codes for PLAYTEST versions of the poker-cards. You will need to pay DriveThruCards fees for printing & shipping.

You will also have the opportunity to preview PLAYTEST versions of additional Tableau Games playsets, before we do Kickstarters for them. These also will be available via Print-N-Play PDF and “At Cost” codes from DriveThruCards.