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Touched by the Veil 🪦 Storyset Cover

Touched by the Veil 🪦, where the unsolved intertwines with the unseen, setting hearts racing and souls searching. A two-page Booklet Storysets 📖 supplement for Tableau: Collaborative Cinematic Storytelling, and adaptable for use in other ‘belonging outside belonging’ style storygames , this Storyset 📖 daccentuates tales of lurking truths, and the irresistible dance between the known and the unknown.

Leverage these quintessential Halloween Story 📖 Elements in your stories:

  • Setting The Haunted 🏘️: Traverse places where the barrier between worlds is gossamer-thin. Here, every echo holds a story, every shadow might just have a soul.
  • Tone: Suspense 🎶: Walk the tightrope of anticipation, where every heartbeat might herald a storm, and the unseen and the unsaid loom just out of reach.
  • Theme Obsession 💢: Delve into fervent passions that defy logic.. When the heart’s deepest desires blur with the haunting call of the beyond, what path will you choose?
  • Genre Beat Mystery 🥁: Embark on a journey to unravel puzzles shrouded in layers of deception. But remember, every clue uncovered may come at a price.
  • Faction: Wandering Souls 🫂: Encounter the entities of the in-between, those who whisper tales from the yonder, some seeking closure, some yearning for justice, and some guarding age-old truths.

In Touched by the Veil 🪦 every decision reverberates with suspense, every passion becomes a binding chain, and every shadow might just hold the key to a mystery unsolved. As the curtain lifts on these tales, how will you navigate the intricate tapestry of intrigue and emotion?

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Touched by the Veil Cover Card

Touched by the Veil 🪦

Tableau: Touched by the Veil 🪦 is available as a Booklet Storyset 🍽 from:

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Tableau Storyset 📖 Booklets

Tableau Booklet Storysets 📖 ​supplement _Tableau stories with additional rules and story Elements, but you’ll require a Tableau Playset or the Tableau Core Rules to play. Storysets 📖​ also are easy to incorporate into most Belonging Outside Belonging style storygames, and are adaptable for use with many other styles of tabletop role-playing games.​​

Storysets 📖​ don’t possess the same flexibility as a Tableau card-based Playset 🎞. Instead, they are designed for a similar style of play using small, card-sized Booklets easily printed on US Letter 8½’‘x11’‘ paper. To utilize a Storyset 📖​ just unfold the Booklet to a particular Story 📖 Element page and have a storyteller Take Up 🫰 that Booklet for control that Element just like they would a card with a Story 📖 Element. Tableau Booklet Assembly Illustration

Assembly: Print booklet, single-sided. Fold long way (11’’) with text out, then unfold. Fold short way (8-½’’) with text out, then unfold. Fold short sides ¼ and ¾ inward with text in. Cut center guide, stopping at the ¼ & ¾ folds—don’t cut to page’s end. Refold as per image. Ensure cover is on front. Tighten creases.


Touched by the Veil 🪦 — A Booklet Storyset 📖 for Tableau Games was written & designed by Christopher Allen.

©2023 by Dyvers Hands Productions, LLC. — All Rights Reserved (no license is granted for redistribution or derivation without permission). More info & image credits at

Tableau Games™ and Dyvers Hands™ are trademarks of Dyvers Hands Productions LLC.

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