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Trials of Tenacity 🍽 Storyset Cover

Endure a world reshaped by calamity in Trials of Tenacity 🍽️, a three-page Booklet Storyset 📖 supplement for Tableau: Collaborative Cinematic Storytelling.

Also adaptable for use in other ‘belonging outside belonging’ style storygames , this Storyset 📖 delves into the struggles and hopes of a desolate landscape where the embers of civilization flicker.

Leverage these eight pivotal Story 📖 Elements in your stories:

  • Setting Post-Apocalyptic 🏘️: Traverse a scarred world where past civilization’s memories are mere shadows in ruins, each breath a testament to survivors’ resilience amidst desolation.
  • Genre Beat Survival 🥁: Dance with danger, feel the raw rhythms of heartbeats in nature’s fury, every beat revealing life’s fragility and profound insights on the edge of peril.
  • Theme Scarcity 💢: With abundance a distant memory, dwindling resources become desperate signposts, forcing souls to rethink value and face dire choices.
  • Drama Resources 🎭: Amid a fragile balance of need and desire, shifting resources dictate destinies, with individuals balancing between bounty and lack.
  • Genre Beat Embers of Hope 🥁: In despair’s thick shadow, we chase faint glimmers of hope, whispers of stories longing to rekindle and tales of resurgence.
  • Theme Decay 💢: As time tightens its grip, structures fall and nature overpowers, illustrating the ceaseless march of decay and the eerie beauty in nature’s reclaim.
  • Tone: Grit & Grace 🎶: Amidst life’s adversities, enduring spirit and poised resilience craft a hopeful ballad, each challenge a prelude to brighter moments.
  • Faction: Stewards of Progress 🫂: At the crossroads of past and future, these guardians protect knowledge, balancing the urgency of innovation with time-tested wisdom.

In Trials of Tenacity 🍽️, resilience battles against time’s ravages, hope dances on the knife’s edge, and tales of survival intertwine with legends reborn. What stories will you weave from the remnants of a world once lost?

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Trials of Tenacity Cover Card

Trials of Tenacity 👑

Tableau: Trials of Tenacity 👑 is available as a Boolet Storyset 🍽 from:

PDF on ($2.95)

Tableau Booklet Storysets 📖

Tableau Booklet Storysets 📖 ​supplement Tableau stories with additional rules and story Elements, but you’ll require a Tableau Playset or the Tableau Core Rules to play. Storysets 📖​ also are easy to incorporate into most Belonging Outside Belonging style storygames, and are adaptable for use with many other styles of tabletop role-playing games.​​

Storysets 📖​ don’t possess the same flexibility as a Tableau card-based Playset 🎞. Instead, they are designed for a similar style of play using small, card-sized Booklets easily printed on US Letter 8½’‘x11’‘ paper. To utilize a Storyset 📖​ just unfold the Booklet to a particular Story 📖 Element page and have a storyteller Take Up 🫰 that Booklet for control that Element just like they would a card with a Story 📖 Element. Tableau Booklet Assembly Illustration

Assembly: Print booklet, single-sided. Fold long way (11’’) with text out, then unfold. Fold short way (8-½’’) with text out, then unfold. Fold short sides ¼ and ¾ inward with text in. Cut center guide, stopping at the ¼ & ¾ folds—don’t cut to page’s end. Refold as per image. Ensure cover is on front. Tighten creases.


Trials of Tenacity 👑A Booklet Storyset 📖 for Tableau Games was written & designed by Christopher Allen.

©2023 by Dyvers Hands Productions, LLC. — All Rights Reserved (no license is granted for redistribution or derivation without permission). More info & image credits at

Tableau Games™, Dyvers Hands™, and Castle Marrach™ are trademarks of Dyvers Hands Productions LLC.

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