Tableau Games: Collaborative Cinematic Storytelling

Kickstarter Campaign: The Kickstarter campaign for our first two Tableau playsets concluded April 17th and is fully funded! For more details and our roadmap for delivery, see NEWS: Tableau Kickstarter Success.

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Tableau offers cinematic storytelling in 2-3 hours, with no prep or GM required. Rules and story prompts on poker-sized cards provide for versatile gameplay for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up. Multiple playsets are available cards may be mixed & matched with each other and with future Tableau Games playsets.

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Tableau: Playsets Available

Twilight Road Playset Cover Card Gate WatchPlayset Cover Card Tableau Improv Playset Cover Card


Gate Watch: 1st Edition (2019)

The original 18-card version of Gate Watch, successfully Kickstarted in 2019.

Monster Smash: The Next Page (2001)

Where Play-Doh creatures grow fangs, legs, wings, tentacles, poison stings & more, and players compete for the right to smash them. My goal was to just to see how simple and elegant I could make a board game. All the rules, table of costs for the “monster parts,” a monster tracking sheet, and even the ruler needed for range attacks, all fit on a single sheet of paper.